why-choose-simon-1As a personal trainer and sports massage therapist working throughout Kent and London, I have many case studies of how I have helped my clients achieve their goals.

Below you can read how I have helped some of my clients; should you have any questions about any of the case studies listed here or if you have a general sports massage or personal training question, I will be delighted to help you. Please call me on 020 3633 1311.

‘Whatever your goals, together we will achieve them’


Weight loss before travelling through personal training and healthy eating

My client wanted to lose two stone in two months before he goes travelling. For his weight and height two stone in my opinion was a big ask. We re-evaluated and set new targets for him of losing about 2lb a week so after two months he should lose just over a stone, but adding an exercise programme with his food plan I knew that after just a few weeks he would be feeling great. Weight loss at this rate with regular exercise is a far healthier way to lose weight and more likely the weight will stay off.

Rapid weight loss can cause fatigue, and with some larger individuals can leave a lot of loose skin.

Because of work commitments he was only able to do two workouts a week, one with me and one I set him to do with his wife.

After 5 weeks my client has dropped two shirts sizes and one trouser size, but more importantly he is feeling healthier, he has a lot more energy and self-confidence.


Sports Massage for shoulder pain

A gentleman contacted me who was suffering with constant shoulder pain. At the beginning it was affecting his golf but over recent weeks it was starting to affect his work. After an assessment it was clear that he was carrying a lot a muscular tension in his upper back and neck which was causing him to have restricted movement around his shoulder.

He had strained his shoulder at work and tried to ignore the pain presuming it would just heal on its own. This wasn’t the case and scar tissue had started to form around the rotator cuff muscles causing discomfort and restricted movement around the shoulder joint.

I used various massage techniques on his rotator cuff and surrounding muscles which I knew would improve blood flow to the area which in turn would aid healing, as well as breaking down any scar tissue which had built up.

After just two 30 minute massage sessions he had regained full range of motion and more importantly he was pain free. He said after the sessions he felt so good that he now comes for a massage every four weeks for maintenance purposes.

Massage can be beneficial following any muscular injury.